Month: April 2019

Goal against the Legislator in the Game against Crime | Channel Criminal Sciences

  In World Cup year, the favorite subject is football. In Brazil, there is a game that is not limited to 90 minutes: it is the match between law and

Bail Bond

I wrote an article in which I told you that I was going to have a trial and that I would comment on the sentence. I keep what I said.

Culturally Conditioned Crimes – Criminal Law in Context

  In 1985, a Hmong man living in the town of Fresno went to the work of a woman with whom he intended to marry her and kidnapped her, taking

Evaluation of the Akwesasne Organized Crime Initiative

  Executive Summary This report presents the results of the Evaluation of the Akwesasne Organized Crime Initiative. The Initiative is a contribution agreement between Mrs. Grundy Mrs. Grundy and the